Creating the Perfect Retreat Indoors or Outdoors

p_699__29118.jpg One good way to create a peaceful and serene area is to install a feng shui fountain. The best idea is to put in a garden or home waterfall. It is a wonderful complement to the decoration of any home. The perfect place for your outdoor fountain is a spot where you can see it from indoors too.

The most gorgeous water fountains have flowers and plants. Plants and flowers that bloom in various seasons make the perfect accompaniment. In addition, consider including other elements such as an outdoor fireplace, art, or interesting stones.

How to Hang a Wall Water Fountain

Make any room more attractive with a wall fountain. A waterfall will bring a sensation of peacefulness with the comforting sounds of trickling water.

Entryways are common places for wall fountains, but they can also be installed in any common space. Although the instructions for installing one are fairly straightforward there will be slight modifications depending on the model. Bear in mind that different pieces will need to be put together during assembly. The base and the upper section will need to be put together as well as the pump and the tubing. Be sure to review the instructions before starting to ensure it is done properly. In general, it is simple and easy. Note, however, that the instructions for your particular model can vary slightly. Have a colleague hold the wall fountain in the desired spot, then mark the wall appropriately. To ensure it will be straight, use a level. Mark the spot where you want the upper end of the wall fountain as well as the base.

Wall fountains can be mounted in more than just one way. You will see slots on the back side of the wall fountain which can be mounted directly onto the screws. The other option is to place it on brackets you have secured to the wall. The bracket alternative is better, especially for wall fountains that are big and bulky. Put a spot on the wall where the brackets will best fit on your wall fountain. Bore pilot holes in the wall where you need to position the drywall anchors. Carefully tap on the anchors with a hammer to insert them into the wall. Hold the brackets in position on the wall and use a cordless drill or screwdriver to affix them. Now, lift your unit and place it on the mounting brackets. Check to be certain it is both secure and level. If the positioning is acceptable, it’s time to add water. Make certain there is enough water to cover the pump.

It is now time to plug it in and observe the water circulate. Carefully put in more water until it comes within an inch of the top of the basin. The basin will overflow when the pump is off if it is too full, so be sure not to fill it completely. The water level will rise because all of the circulating water will settle down at the base of the basin. When there is too much water, it will spill out and can harm your floor and furniture.

Why Your Your Furry Friends and Visiting Birds Love Water Features

Putting in an outdoor water fountain or a bird feeder will allow you to delight in the natural presence of wildlife or pets. All birds need a place to drink, bathe and preen. Birds including robins, thrushes, orioles, or warblers favor the flow of water from a fountain and are not necessarily drawn to bird feeders. Birds are often drawn to outdoor fountains because of their moving water rather than the standing water found in bowl-shaped bird baths. Birds can hear the trickling and splashing and are even more likely to come around.

Dogs are attracted to fountains because they offer refreshing water to drink. Hot days drive dogs and cats to anxiously look for the freshest water around. Fountains generally need little cleaning due to their constantly flowing water, whereas birdbaths need to be regularly serviced because they easily collect debris.

The Far-Reaching Effects of Water Fountains

From improving air quality to contributing a feeling of peace to the area, a fountain adds so much to your life.

You might not even be aware of the degree to which a water fountain, whether inside or outside, will enhance your daily life. It is most likely no coincidence that the human body is composed primarily of water, and that people are drawn to coastal cities. All living creatures need water to exist, and while you could move to a pricey house on the beach somewhere, a much easier and less expensive option is to install a water feature wherever you live.

Enhance any outdoor area by adding a pretty outdoor garden fountain. You might be pleased how your beautiful outdoor space can be even more charming with one of the many outdoor water features on the market. It can be mounted on the outside wall of your house above the patio, or even on the interior wall of a screened porch. Your flower garden will become a place of glamorous decadence and harmony if you put in a tiered type. Birds love birdbath fountains because the cascading of the water ensures that it remains clean and does not build up bacteria and algae. The enchanting sound of trickling water is the final touch your garden area needs to become a haven of peace.

Why Buy Your Own Pond Water Feature

When picturing a fountain, most people first think of the artfully sculpted ones found adorning beautiful homes, parks, public buildings, etc. They are more adaptable than people realize, however, and do not need a mansion or public place to seem at home. A pond fountain can be a wonderful accessory to your own yard.

Two primary benefits can result from setting up one of your own. To begin with, fountains add charm and help everyone relax. The sound of the water flowing combined with the charming appearance is perfect to finish off a tough day. You will see your area benefitting from its elegance, too.

Also, having people over will be more fun, as your lovely fountain will encourage guests to socialize and take photos.

The second reason for a water element is to guarantee a healthy environment for the fish in your pond. Fish are far better off if their water is flowing around and getting oxygen, and a pond fountain will do both of those things. The nonstop movement of the water and the enhanced oxygen levels will make sure your fish stay healthy. Your flowers will be grateful too.

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